EDUCAIDS Christian Alliance on Hiv and Education



There is no lack of international agreements on the need to fight HIV/AIDS and the importance of education in this regard. MDG’s 2 and 6, the Education for All objectives and the Convention of the Rights of the Child and UNGASS[2] all mention the need for action. Despite these noble words the epidemic still gathers pace. The education sector itself is seriously affected by HIV/AIDS. Teachers are falling away. Millions of orphans and vulnerable children are still not going to school, many of them being affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Educaids Evaluation 2011-2015

The evaluation examined and compared the Educaids approach, implementation, achievements and lessons learned in Ethiopia and Malawi, and how the Educaids activities contributed to the provision of CSE for young people. The evaluation gives special attention to aspects of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact. Furthermore, the evaluation examined the cooperation among partners and with external stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Click here for the report and read the interesting conclusions and recommendations, made by evaluators Anneke Maarse and Connie Alezuyo.

Mapping study of CSE needs in non-formal vocational training

As attention for the transition of young people to the labour market and the interest for improvement of the SRHR of young people is high, the goal of this research is to develop more insight for the possibilities of CSE in non-formal Tecnical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) settings. This mapping study describes the needs of vocational trainees in Kenya and Ghana and describes the possibilities and barriers in setting up a CSE programme in vocational settings. Click here for the report.