EDUCAIDS Christian Alliance on Hiv and Education


Linkages between SRHR and other thematic areas

Educaids considers CSE as one of the essential conditions for the improvement of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Young People. Simultaneously, efforts should be made to secure the linkage with other thematic areas, such as the improvement of quality and access of health prevention and health care initiatives. Ideally, CSE will make clear and therefore create an increased demand for counseling , testing and treatment of sexual transmitted diseases, for evidence based information, for better access to condoms and other contraceptives. CSE can only be completely effective when such services are in place and of good quality.

Fair economic development is another important theme. For instance, the improvement of maternal health — the health of women during pregnancy and child birth ­– increases the stability of families, thus having a positive effect on their economic well-being. Vice versa, a sound economic basis provides opportunity to make choices for a healthy sexual and reproductive life. Another important thematic area related to SRHR is water & sanitation. To increase the effect of CSE, Educaids promotes the linkages and cooperation with CSO’s and CSC’s that are active in the above mentioned thematic areas.

Educaids emphasizes the importance of gender issues. CSE should contribute to an increased awareness of girls and boys how gender defines their position in society, to an increased awareness that gender roles can be changed and support them in making choices, developing skills, to, in the end, contribute to more equal gender relations.